Friday Faves

Hello friends, and happy Friday!


This week I ate an entire watermelon which means I can officially declare summer has arrived.

There is seriously nothing more summer-like than standing over the kitchen sink with pink juice running down my chin, taking a big bite out of melon half moon, then sprinkling more flaky smoked Maldon sea salt on my next mouthful. Salt on watermelon is my husband’s Southern family secret to make it sweeter, and one of the first things that showed me my husband’s palate knows what’s going on.

We all have summer traditions we grew up with, and memories we want to pass on and keep going. The big bummer is when responsibility and other commitments get in the way and our favorite traditions get passed over for the requests and desires of others. But I want summer to be just like it used to be!

That’s why this summer I’m going to make a list of 10 things I love about summer, and make sure those things get done. Not quite a bucket list, this will be more about the big and the small stuff that makes summer great. I have a long list to be narrowed down, and will share with you next week so I can get going on it. I hope you’ll make one as well, and share your ideas with the rest of us then too.

But first, let’s get into this week’s Friday Faves.

What’s up with all the fireworks?

Okay, this is freaky weird in the best, most comforting way.

7 outdoor date ideas.


How to learn to enjoy your own company.

It’s about time: Food companies are reconsidering racist branding.

Here’s what to know about new restaurant etiquette before dining out again.

Can you practice intuitive eating and still want to lose weight?

Dinner table talk: here’s the difference between kosher, table, and sea salt. 

Now that you’re always at home, 5 new habits to keep your kitchen mess-free.

8 things always worth the extra money for the kitchen.

What a stunning way to eat strawberry shortcake, and easy!

I only have two words for this no-cook spicy tofu: MAKE ME NOW.

The best of all worlds: Boozy jalapeño shrimp.

Baking project up next: Lemon ricotta cake. GORGEOUS!

This salad is the best reason to eat more lentils.

Got corn? Get fritters.

These red, white, and blue cookie sandwiches look amazing!

Burrata is my love language so this salad must be my secret friend.

You’ll never miss the meat with these plant based nachos.

The whole world looks brighter thanks to these lemon meringue pie bars.

Agreed! This is how we love cooking our summer crab legs too.

Mango cobbler? Oh my yes.

Such a delicious summer sandwich that I’d usually only order out (but since we’re now all in…)

This mac salad is a meal in one.

I’d totally add shrimp to this salad and call it a dinner.

Run out of things to watch on Netflix? 12 feel-good summer movies to watch on Hulu.

10 self-care DIYs when you’re bored at home.

35 LGBT books to read this month.

Break out the earbuds: NPR’s best new artists of 2020 so far. 

Headed to the beach this 4th of July? VRBO says you won’t be alone.

How to plan a summer “safe-cation”.

Let’s play summer games:

Take me to the lake, and I’ll bring the cutest cooler full of my favorite sandwiches. Ordered!

10 home decor trends making a comeback this summer. I’m totally ready for #7.

If only my Smudge wasn’t the ripe old age of 16…totally jealous of this summer playhouse.

Time to make your move? Here’s what a $1 million home looks like in every state.

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